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4 Ways To Put The Spark Back In The Bedroom On A Budget

4 Ways To Put The Spark Back In The Bedroom On A Budget

It is no secret that with time, the spark in the bedroom can diminish. That isn't to say that it's gone completely, but as life moves on and relationships grow, sometimes the initial “rip your clothes off” passion that seemed to be there every minute of the day at the start, can seem to come less and less often. There are always ways to put the spark back into the bedroom and reignite your passion for each other.

1 Go on Holiday

Nothing brings out the romance more than a change of pace and location. Just by moving around the house, you can come up with inventive ways to get it on. By going on holiday you remove all the stress of day to day life, you get the joy of knowing you don't need to tidy up afterwards, and depending on where you go you get a nice warm location, or somewhere warm to snuggle up and stay in bed. Holidays cost less and less these days and a quick weekend away is even more affordable than it used to be. Everyone should get some holiday time at least once a year.

2 Bring out the toys

Bring the fun into the bedroom with toys. There are far too many toys to mention, but if you have a kink, there is probably a toy for it. You can get toys designed to share with partners, or you can get ones for playing alone, but this doesn't mean you can't use them together with your partner. Try something kinky like cuffs, or like the famous fleshlight. There are different lubes, creams, potions, movies and more to use, and you can still be frugal by using a coupon code at the checkout. Most places even give you free toys at the checkout if you spend over a certain amount.

3 Talk to each other

This is a simple one but its surprising how many people just don't talk to each other. Have a word with your partner, see what they want to try. Don't judge them and don't let them judge you. Find a nice middle ground where you can't start playing. Remember you don't even need to live out the fantasy, talking about it during sex can be more than enough to get the engines revving.

4 Start Dating Each Other Again

Start dating again, go on date nights, have a glass of wine over a meal. Get out of the house and start enjoying each others company. Instead of staying in and watching a movie, go out to the cinema or theatre. Acting like you're dating again can be enough to get that dating spark back.

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