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Financial Cheating

Financial Cheating

Financial problems are one of the leading contributors to divorce in a marriage. Partners often fail to disclose financial issues to one another. These little finance secrets can spiral out of control and seriously wound your relationship. This is why it is so important to address your money woes early in the relationship before they lead to deeper problems. Let’s take a look at a few warning signs of financially cheating.

Hidden Bank Accounts

Lots of married couples believe that you cannot store all of your money in the same joint bank account so they open individual accounts to hide money from their spouses. This may seem like a good financial decision but it can be detrimental to your relationship.

If a spouse discovers that you have a secret bank account it can lead to a major argument and lots of questions. Keeping your finances safe is one thing, but keeping them secret is a whole different ballpark. Hiding your expenses and savings can signal serious trust issues in a relationship.

Secret Debts

In a relationship, it can be difficult to reveal all of your financial woes to your significant other. You may not want to alert them as to your spending habits or let them know about all of your old debts that you have racked up.

It is always best to come clean with your spouse about all of your financial obligations and your bad financial habits. This way the two of you can sit down and work together to tackle the problem head-on instead of trying to deal with it once the bills have already become insurmountable.

Defensive Behavior

One of the clear cut warning signs of marital troubles is if your spouse becomes defensive when it is time to talk finances. It is never a good sign when one partner disengages from the relationship. If you are having trouble communicating about money then you might find it useful to talk to a neutral third party like a counselor. This will help to get you talking and help you determine if there are deeper issues to discuss.

It’s also important to remember that most couples have money issues. Money problems are a fact a life, and whilst money itself can’t ruin a marriage, secretive, defensive behavior and a lack of trust can.

Applying these techniques will help you deal with your financial issues and not let money problems get in the way of your marriage, remember you got married for a reason!

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