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Questions Worth Counseling

Questions Worth Counseling

Don’t get married unless you and your partner have sat down with a counselor. You cannot assume you will be able to address issues as they come up after marriage. So many things are not even discussed while dating. So many feel that love will be all they need. I am sorry, love is not going to be there when you are faced with very difficult situations.

These are just a few questions that should be discussed with a counselor so the counselor can help navigate the discussion:

• Who will pay the bills?
• When we both work does all the money go into one account?
• How much should either one spend without discussing it with the other partner?
• How did your fathers handle stress?
• Who drinks and how much and how often?
• Does anyone of the partners enjoy drugs?
• How do we deal with Facebook?
• Do we keep our passwords secret?
• Can we look at the friends list and the text messages that each partner gets?
• If the wife gets pregnant does she get to stay home with the child?
• Do we make bills depending on the second income?
• Do we have a right to discuss the past partners each one had, or is the past the past?
• Which partner likes to have sex the most and how often?
• Do you expect the partner to always begin the foreplay?
• When we have kids where do they go to school, do they go to church?

To not have the answers to these simple questions would be foolish. To get married and not know the answers would really be foolish. Think about it and contact a good counselor.

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