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Stay In Love With Your Partner

Stay In Love With Your Partner

In marriage and long term relationships, sometimes the passion has faded away until you're simply two people who happen to share a bed and occasionally have sex. Many people seem to consider this normal, but it's a disaster.

Fortunately, you can keep this from happening, or if it has happened, you can usually reignite your passion with a bit of effort.

Appearance Matters

It's all too easy to decide that you don't need to work out, put on makeup, shave, or wear nice clothes because your spouse has seen you at your worst so it doesn't matter.


You can't always look at your best, and you shouldn't try to be fabulous every waking moment. But you shoulda few times a week try to dress up nicely and show your husband or wife that you've still got it. Wear something sexy or handsome, groom yourself, and spend some time in front of the mirror.
If you can try to do some exercise to help keep your body toned, you don't need to look like your 20 again, but if you put effort into yourself and your health, your partner will notice.

Plan a Date Night

Not everyone is good at being spontaneous, so don't force them to be. Instead, agree that a few times a month will be date night. On that night one of you has to plan a nice date, it can be fun, romantic, exciting, cultured, whatever, but has to have some thought in it. Alternate who's in charge each time.

Even if your husband chooses a sporting event, try to have some fun, and when it's your turn you can pick a French restaurant, and expect him to pretend to enjoy it. Once you get into the swing of things, you'll both have a great time, and that is essential in getting the romance back.

Say Thank You

If your husband or wife does something nice, thank them for it. Even if it's minor, smile say thanks, and make sure they know you're happy. This will encourage them to do it more often and do other things to make you happy. This will gradually lead to more romantic gestures that leave you smiling.
Too many married couples I've met have taken it for granted that they should have certain things and stopped thanking their partner for them, expecting more and more things before they'll say thanks. Then they're surprised when the small gestures stop.

Tell Them You Want Some Romance

Some people, especially men, need a hint when it comes to romance and relationships. Instead of expecting them to pick up small cues, and waiting for them to realize that you want something more from the relationship, tell them what you need.

You can sit them down and tell them, write a letter, give them a book on romance and tell them to read it, or whatever else you think may work, but be tell them.

Don't let your romance die, simply because you've been together for a few years, do what you have to to keep your romance alive. And remember you can't just rely on your partner, you have to do your part too, even if it's just kicking him or her in the butt and telling them what you need.

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