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The Power Of The WOW Kiss And The I MISSED YOU Embrace

The Power Of The WOW Kiss And The I MISSED YOU Embrace

On nearly any given day, I play the roles of wife, mother, therapist, writer, housekeeper, home economist, chauffeur, playmate, and friend. I handle a wide range of physical materials daily including raw foods, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, runny noses, computer keyboards, gasoline pumps, wet laundry, clients' charts, and crayons.

Throughout the day I make an effort to stay in touch with my husband so we can discuss critical matters such as who will be stopping off at the store to buy milk, what we will be having for dinner, our daughter's report card, his work, my work, and miscellaneous items related to the maintenance of family life. My husband's day-to-day schedule, while strikingly less complicated than mine (at least from my point of view), is no less demanding. We both work hard to juggle the requisite aspects of our lives responsibly. And frankly, we're pooped. Too pooped.

CFC (Chronic Family Craziness)

We suffer from CFC (Chronic Family Craziness). Symptoms of CFC include confusion, disorganization, lost backpacks, falling asleep on the couch, a feeling of being perpetually behind, and a stunning decrease in romantic affection between spouses.

Couples who suffer from CFC tend to sublimate their romantic energy to tend to endless matters of a family business. But, fortunately, there is a groundbreaking management tool for couples with CFC! It is the application of the daily Wow Kiss and the I Missed You Embrace.

A WOW Kiss & an I Missed You Embrace readers don't need me to describe the difference between an ordinary kiss and a Wow Kiss. You know a Wow Kiss when you get one. Wow Kisses take your breath away. They command your full attention. They stir your "love tank", so to speak. And they trigger the release of romantic energy.

Similarly, I Missed You Embrace feels different from the hug you get from a good friend on your birthday. The I Missed You Embrace is a full-body hug. It's a lingering ‘holding-on' to the very essence of HOME. It's a short slow-dance between lovers that affirms and nurtures romantic relationships.

Sadly, the Wow Kiss and the I Missed You Embrace are often solely reserved for sexual encounters between married partners. But if married couples are having sex only once a week or less, the quality of their daily physically-expressed affection for one another is sorely lacking in romantic energy.

Romantic Energy

Married couples would be wise to recognize the power and value of romantic energy. Romantic energy is the stuff that enables men and women to go without sleep just so they can spend more waking time together. Romantic energy is the stuff that keeps young lovers on the phone together all night long when they are apart. It is the stuff, believe it or not, that allows us to be joyful while battling CFC! Consider how much easier CFC might be if you and your spouse were romantically energized!

Couple Inventory

I highly recommend that couples sit down together and do an inventory on how often they experience the Wow Kiss and the I Missed You Embrace outside of sexual encounters. If the answer is "never" they may have uncovered one reason for their lack of romantic energy.

Next, the couple should figure out why there is such a lack of romantic affection in their relationship. Do couples abstain from romantic expressions because of a lack of privacy? If that's the problem, couples could easily slip into a bedroom, a closet, a garage, back yard, or a bathroom for a moment to privately exchange the Wow Kiss or the I Missed You Embrace.

If couples claim they have no time to cultivate romantic energy, I suggest they take out a stopwatch and clock how long it takes to exchange a meaningful kiss and hug. We are talking about setting aside a few dozen seconds to achieve a better marriage and a happier life!

Perhaps spouses have other reasons for resisting a daily expression of romantic affection for one another. It's up to them to identify those reasons and/or excuses. Once done, they can address those issues directly. Spouses truly owe it to one another to do whatever they can to ease the pressures of CFC. And the implementation of the Wow Kiss and the I Missed You Embrace may be helpful in that regard.

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